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Wealth Is Moving From West to East

Courtesy of Greg Hunters USA Watchdog

John Embry Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management,

The discussion begins with a Greg wanting to get beyond the conspiracy discussion and go to…

What is the end game with Currency and Gold and Silver?

John responded, We are at a critical point right now as the world physical supplies of Gold and Silver are being diminished rapidly. India’s imports of Gold are up 176% for the latest month,

Suggesting the physical Gold and Silver moving from the West to the East. John warns that the take down in the paper market is so aggressive that we maybe getting very close for this coming to a head.

“You better be on the right side of the market as you cannot be late”

With the world in such a crisis as we have Unrest in Europe and continuing fighting in the Middle East, one would think Gold and Silver would be the flight to safety but they are being held down.

Gold and silver are as cheap today as ever in their history in relation to the amount of currency on the planet, the amount of credit and the cost of producing the Gold and Silver.

Right now because of the control the buyers are not in the market. Therefore less demand even under the threat of limited physical supply.

Gold and Silver are currently on sale status for those who understand.

The paper market for Gold and Silver is man made, built on the supply and demand of an invisible asset versus the real asset of holding physical Gold and Silver.

There will come a time in the not too distant future when the pricing power will move from the paper market to the physical market.

The reality of what is versus what is promised will be a religious experience for the shorts in the paper market.

Greg ask John what he thinks of the current 2014-2015 Gold and Silver market as the Chinese consume their Silver in the industrial manufacturing market and find Silver in short supply.

FlashTattoos 447 Edit 624x480 300x230 Wealth Is Moving From West to EastThis could bring the market to say. Where is the Gold in this situation?

John states that the precious metals don’t go down in a market place where currency is printed. The price of the paper currency has gone up.

John said he thought holding physical Gold and Silver outside of the banking system with Gold stocks, is to be on the right side of the supply and demand curve when the market falls into the realization that Gold and Silver are real, while paper is a promise.

Gold’s relation ship with real interest rates.

Gold has a relation ship with real interest rates. If Gold where to reflect what is really going on in todays market place in relation to interest rates. Interest rates would rise dramatically, because of the amount of debt polluting the world..

“When this turns it’s going to change a lot of things very fast.”

Silver has a mining cost of $25 per ounce and currently trades at $18 with above ground stocks dwindling rapidly as 70% is used for industrial purposes.

John stated he thought we are seeing signs of the current pressure on the Gold and Silver price nearing the end, showing there is something seriously wrong with the current system.

Greg’s asked John What  he thought the Chinese who are using their current silver stocks rapidly in the manufacturing sector, are also the holders of significant paper contracts.

When they get to the point of low silver stocks could call in their paper contracts and BOOM the market could be blown apart.

“I don’t Know” but who ever is holding the longs (expecting the market to rise) is resolute.

 Wealth Is Moving From West to East

The longs would normally leave as the pressure got too great. The long people are holding firm if it is the Chinese, have control of the system.

Silver could be a $100 number sooner than later.

Suppression is so great at this time to ensure the public do not make the connection to the world financial and geopolitical position and the Gold and Silver price’s.

We are in a battle to the end game and the Gold and Silver will win.

John suggested holding precious metal in your own personal possession out side of the banking control.

We seem to be on a path to a major change as the suppression cannot hold down the true market forces of supply and demand.

We are currently witnessing a financial war as the USA are printing money devaluing every dollar currently in existence.

Even if you pay all the debt back where do you get the interest from ? It needs to be borrowed into existence again. This debt based system must reach an end.

We are seeing the biggest redistribution of wealth in the history of man kind the question is.

Which side are you on?


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