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To understand where we are going? first we must be clear on where we are now.

We learn from the lessons of our past decisions as they always turn up in the physical and spiritual Balance Sheets.

What we OWN minus What we OWE.

Is what you’re WORTH.

In simple terms it is the results of the decisions made and the action taken.

U.S.A Where are you Now?

The USA government in Washington, the Fed and the Treasury take care of the dollar.

The Pentagon and others take care of security but what happens when the money becomes the threat?


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We have increased the money supply by $3.1 Trillion in “new money” flooding in the financial system since 2008.

The USA now has 17.5 Trillion in federal debt and $127 Trillion in unfunded debt.

A situation has developed where growth has dropped from $2.41 for every dollar invested to $0.03 Now.

This is a signal of a system about to collapse.. Thanks to Steve Meyers Jim Rickards and the team at Money Morning team for this alarming discussions.

Watch this space and feel free to add your comments….



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